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"My first birth experience was tense and forced and traumatic. When my son came into the world, my work became clear — I needed to find ways to surrender, to have sex with ease and slowness, to completely recreate my relationship to pain. Through vocal toning, I see a way to facilitate that. I am excited for any future birthing experiences I may have, because now I have a tool that gets me into my body, slows me down, and allows me to ride with the waves instead of against them. If you feel called, allow Liliane and her sacred drum to guide you. Back to your body. Back to yourself."
- Kayla
Whether you are birthing babies or creative projects vocal toning is one of the most valuable tools you will come upon.  After having learned this practice over 20 years ago, I continue to use it to this day and am so grateful I get to share it with you all.
What is Vocal Toning?
  • Using your instrument, your voice (you do not need a musical background) to tone low primal sounds such as the vowels A, E, I, O and U to keep your mind focused on the sound and vibrations rather than pain, anxiety or discomfort you may be experiencing in your body.


Why do Vocal Toning?

  • To help reduce anxiety

  • To help you feel calm, grounded & centered

  • To have a tool that will clearly help focus your attention on your breath rather than the pain, discomfort or negative thoughts you may be experiencing 

  • To have a practical easy tool that is accessible whenever you need support in challenging times for yourself or others in your life

  • To have a practical easy tool that you can share with your children or anyone in your life to access a deeper part of you

What to expect in a Vocal Toning session?  


  • Learn about the connection between the throat and the pelvis

  • Learn the technique and the various sounds to do vocal toning 

  • Experience toning with Liliane

  • Experience Liliane's drumming while toning

  • Learn how to do this with a friend or partner

  • Learn how to apply this practice in your every day life

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