What is Intuitive Art



  • It is a magically powerful creative, spiritual and intuitive practice.

  • To celebrate and give yourself the gift of tapping into your innate creativity 

  • To experience what creative expression comes up for you in any given moment while letting go of fears, judgement and attachment to any outcome 

  • To befriend your intuition during the process and to learn to trust and listen to it always!


Diving into an Intuitive art practice is a wonderful opportunity to trust in the life force within you.  Life as we all know does have its moments of challenges and we try to resist and control. Through this intuitive art and breathing process you are given a beautiful opportunity for healing, growth and transformation by accepting fully what comes up without attachement,  and to start being comfortable with stepping into the unknown.  No matter what womanhood stage you are in, you will feel more alive and more whole 


Why Intuitive Art and Breathing Practice?


Once we are connected to our breath we can be more grounded and be fully present.  This presence allows us to more easily feel the call to what moves us and in what way.  For example, if I am in the moment and at the time experiencing profound joy, I allow myself to feel that fully and then my intuitive calling may be to add orange to my page because personally I resonate with orange when I feel joy.  Your breath will help guide you into listening deeply.


You will be gently guided to tap into your own intuitive creative expression.  How?


  • With guided breath work, music, gentle movement 

  • By Learning to tell the difference between your analytical mind and your intuitive intelligence.

  • Having fun and exploring with the medium you have decided on!



Supplies you will need:

  • An appropriate surface to paint, draw or colour on. You can use paper or canvas and some people like to use cardstock paper as this is less expensive than canvas but still good if you have decided to use thicker paint such as acrylic paint.

  • A variety of brushes

  • A space that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed during your practice

$110/hour CAD,  

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"There is immense power in creativity.  It's our life-force, our source of information.  It is innate in every single one of , and it can be a tremendous tool for self-reflection, transformation and personal healing." -Shiloh Sophia