The postpartum period involves integrating change on all levels:  physical, mental, spiritual and relational.  The transition to motherhood is not about going back to your old self but rather beginning a  journey home to a new version of YOU!

The postpartum care I provide to women is based on the Innate Postpartum Care Training which I am currently studying as well as the twenty plus years of experience of tending to mothers as a doula.  

Why sign up for postpartum care?


  • To receive gentle and nurturing guidance during this important transition 

  • The care and nurturing you give yourself at this time will have rippling effects for yourself, your family for generations to come.

  • To set good and clear intentions for yourself going through this transformative time 

  • To receive comforting emotional support

  • To experience someone holding space for you so you can process your birth experience

  • To receive gentle massage and body work (if virtual you will be guided to do self-massage)

What to expect?

Experience for yourself 5 postpartum traditions that promote optimal health and healing in the postpartum period:


  • Extended resting periods

  • Warmth for healing

  • Nutrient dense foods/Easy to digest

  • Body Work

  • Community

This postpartum care service makes a wonderful gift for someone you love!

$110 CAD/hour, minimum of  4 - 6 hours highly recommended!  Call for details on packages.

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