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First Trimester Wisdom 






This is all about YOU - I listen.   This is a safe space for you to feel completely supported and heard and to set intentions for yourself and your journey ahead.  I am here to mentor you and help you navigate all of your options.  When you get in touch with your hopes and fears you connect to the strength that comes when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.  If you are intentional about your own mindset and physical preparation, the knowledge that you will gather for your  birth journey will be transformative,  joyful and so empowering!  

Topics we will cover

Beginning Your Journey
  • You will connect on a deep level how your journey is unique and personal

  • You will discover what your needs are now and moving forward

  • You will identify concerns and questions and be guided to specific resources or care providers

  • You will learn all about emotions in pregnancy

  • You will learn the importance of two types of knowing: modern and ancient/primordial knowing


Prenatal Health
  • Nutrition (Nourishing you and the life within)

  • Exercise

  • Sleep

Choosing Your Caregiver
  • You will learn how to create a specific vision of how you would love to experience birth

  • You will learn the difference between a doctor, a midwife and a doula

  • You will learn about basic pain control methods and how they impact your choice of caregiver

Essential Questions to Ask
  • You will learn about which questions to ask your caregiver 

  • You will learn how to advocate for yourself during prenatal appointments and during your labour


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