About Me

Welcome!  I am so happy that you have found your way here.   I'm Liliane and I am passionate about creating a safe space for women to take a deep dive on the journey of pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood.


During my first pregnancy and especially after the birth of my first daughter, I had a deep intuitive knowing that I was put on this earth, to guide, support and inspire women in times of transition.  After 20+ years as doula, childbirth educator, prenatal yoga instructor, Birthing from Within Mentor & becoming a mother, I came to realize that my passion for wellness, birth and creativity meshed in a most fascinating way.  This led me to launch my business!


Throughout my life I have followed my heart on many decisions such as moving and studying music in Montreal, back-packing through Europe and India, choosing a midwife as my primary caregiver for my two births, choosing to homeschool my girls and more!  Every one of these experiences has taught me so much and each unfolded by truly listening and trusting my own inner knowing.  This resonates with the work I do with women in helping cultivate trust in themselves and in their own wisdom.

I am keen to live a creative life with joy, purpose and intention with my family here on the Canadian prairies.  Lately my new creative endeavour is painting but I have many other loves such as nature, reading, gardening, music, yoga and meditation.


I have supported and educated hundreds of women with a heart centered approach which has led me to create comprehensive programs that build confidence and preparedness. 


IMAGINE facing your upcoming pregnancy, birth and motherhood with confidence, courage and grace while connecting with the magic of your female body and your strength within!   This awaits YOU!


I can’t wait to meet you and look so forward to supporting you on your journey to motherhood!