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"Loved the workshop series Liliane recently hosted and can't wait for the next series!  Revisiting the transitional stages we go through as women, truly seeing and honouring each of those pivotal stages was insightful, celebratory even and a great way to connect collectively as women."


"Liliane is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Her dedication, warmth and compassion are second to none. She is authentic and gifted beyond measure. She is equal parts gentle and powerful. Every woman should be so lucky as to have Liliane as part of their life journey, not to mention their birth journey. She raises women up and holds space for them. She meets them where they are and empowers them to reach their goals. Creative, genuine, disarming, uplifting… just a few words to describe her. I cannot recommend her enough!"


"I sure wish I had found Liliane Regnier and her programs earlier in my life. She is creating beautiful and safe spaces for women to come together and learn/share about the different transitions that we all go through. It is so important that we return to these type of gatherings where women of ALL ages come together for support, community and learning. I will continue to come back and nourish my soul with her teachings and community."

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"Liliane is a gifted healer. She holds space for the nuance. For the slowing down. For the deeply needed introspection around birth and modern Motherhood."


"Now I have a tool that gets me into my body, slows me down, and allows me to ride with the waves instead of against them. If you feel called, allow Liliane and her sacred drum to guide you. Back to your body. Back to yourself."


"Birth art with Liliane, amazing!  Even after all these years it helped process and clear some of the difficult residue stuck within my psyche and my body. I feel so much lighter and okay with what I experienced at a time when there was so little support around me."


"Loved the energy that Liliane brings to her gatherings.  It was such an honour to be here with these women who are all so open to new perspectives, healing and growth.  Thank you for sharing your gift of connection with us Liliane."


"I feel that I came to a place of peace, joy and gratitude.  So powerful and healing. I am so grateful for Liliane and the safe and sacred space she held during the whole Birth Art process.  It was fun, playful and very healing."

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