Your Divine Feminine, Innate Wisdom
  & Creativity  


Welcome!  I am so happy that you have found your way here.   I'm Liliane and I am passionate about creating a safe space for women to take a deep dive on the journey of pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood.


During my first pregnancy and especially after the birth of my first daughter, I had a deep intuitive knowing that I was put on this earth to guide, support and inspire women in times of transition.  After 20+ years as doula, childbirth educator, prenatal yoga instructor, Birthing from Within Mentor & becoming a mother, I came to realize that my passion for wellness, birth and creativity meshed in a most fascinating way.  This led me to launch my business!

Now IMAGINE facing your upcoming pregnancy, birth and motherhood with confidence, courage and grace while connecting with the magic of your female body and your strength within!   This awaits YOU!



Bridging Traditional & Modern Health Practices

I'm with you every step of the way!

This journey you are about to embark on with me is one of nourishing yourself, of feeling supported and heard.  You will be giving yourself the gift of time to connect with the magic of your female body, your innate wisdom and the knowledge you hold within.

The care you give yourself now during this incredible time of transition will have an impact on every aspect of you life as you enter motherhood.

First Trimester Wisdom
(0-13 wks)

This is all about YOU - I listen.  We will explore  your needs and I will help you find answers to your questions and go over essential questions to ask.  I will help you navigate all of your options from prenatal health topics, creating optimal conditions for health & wellness to helping you understand all of your options while choosing your caregiver and more!  

Second Trimester Wisdom
(14-27 wks)

During this time you will learn to express and resolve any fear and anxiety surrounding your pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  You will learn how to connect with your inner strength so you can give birth and enter motherhood from a place of confidence, courage and grace all while connecting to the magic of your female body!  

Third Trimester Wisdom
+Bonus Postnatal Support
(28-40 wks)

You will prepare to give birth actively, naturally & instinctively with specific intentional practices.  You will learn everything from practice labour signs to what to expect once your baby is born.  This will help you create an empowering vision for your ideal birth and motherhood experience! 

This is a unique opportunity to help you tap into your intuitive mind rather than your thinking brain!  

During a Birth Art Session you will experience and embody the Birth Art Process as a KEY piece in your preparation for birthing and parenting.  

Already have  your children?  Then this is a perfect opportunity to explore and reflect on motherhood and your past birth experience.

No art experience required!

Birth Art


“I instantly relaxed on meeting Liliane for the first time and from then on she felt like an old friend. She taught me how not to fear birth by giving me the tools to embrace birth, and even look forward to it. Having her kind and calming presence guiding us on our journey gave us the support my husband and I needed. I highly recommend her to anybody who might be feeling nervous or anxious about birth.

Millie Kornas
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