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It's time to live it to the fullest!
Let me help you reclaim your wildness, creativity and innate wisdom.

You Have ONE Life 


I’m Liliane Régnier, a speaker, mentor and workshop facilitator for women. Through 1:1 coaching and group gatherings, I help women transform their lives.   

FOR CENTURIES WOMEN HAVE SUPPORTED EACH OTHER IN HEALING, and I am carrying on that knowledge and sharing it with YOU! I offer support and safety for you to take the next steps in your life.


I help young women move into adulthood, moms-to-be prepare for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, and support women as they enter the mid-life transition of peri-menopause and beyond! 

IMAGINE embracing ALL of who you are, and not being alone or afraid in the process. This is my passion. 



Next Events

Empowering Health and Wellness Workshops

Chez Anne Mulaire 

 Fall 2024

How to work with me!

1:1   Mentoring

Personalized 1:1 program helping YOU do your emotional, physical and spiritual work to feel more confident and empowered to live and lead your life from an authentic place.

Speaker and Events

As a speaker and workshop facilitator I believe community is the antidote to loneliness, and that supported women can become positive change in the world. Reclaim your life through community!

Pre and postnatal support

You will prepare to give birth actively, naturally & instinctively with specific intentional practices.  I will help you create an empowering vision for your ideal birth and postpartum  experience! 



"Loved the workshop series Liliane recently hosted and can't wait for the next series!  Revisiting the transitional stages we go through as women, truly seeing and honouring each of those pivotal stages was insightful, celebratory even and a great way to connect collectively as women."


"Liliane is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Her dedication, warmth and compassion are second to none. She is authentic and gifted beyond measure. She is equal parts gentle and powerful. Every woman should be so lucky as to have Liliane as part of their life journey, not to mention their birth journey. She raises women up and holds space for them. She meets them where they are and empowers them to reach their goals. Creative, genuine, disarming, uplifting… just a few words to describe her. I cannot recommend her enough!"


I sure wish I had found Liliane Regnier and her programs earlier in my life. She is creating beautiful and safe spaces for women to come together and learn/share about the different transitions that we all go through. It is so important that we return to these type of gatherings where women of ALL ages come together for support, community and learning. I will continue to come back and nourish my soul with her teachings and community. 

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