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Pre and Postnatal Support

You will prepare to give birth actively, naturally and  instinctively with specific intentional practices.  You will learn everything from practice labour signs to what to expect once your baby is born.  This will help you create an empowering vision for your ideal birth and motherhood experience! 

Trimester Wisdom

Second Trimester Wisdom

Third Trimester Wisdom

Postpartum Care for 

First Trimester Wisdom

This is all about YOU - I listen.   This is a safe space for you to feel completely supported and heard and to set intentions for yourself and your journey ahead.  I am here to mentor you and help you navigate all of your options.  When you get in touch with your hopes and fears you connect to the strength that comes when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.  If you are intentional about your own mindset and physical preparation, the knowledge that you will gather for your  birth journey will be transformative,  joyful and so empowering!  

Beginning Your Journey:
  • You will connect on a deep level how your journey is unique and personal

  • You will discover what your needs are now and moving forward

  • You will identify concerns and questions and be guided to specific resources or care providers

  • You will learn all about emotions in pregnancy

  • You will learn the importance of two types of knowing: modern and ancient/primordial knowing


Prenatal Health:
  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Sleep

Choosing Your Caregiver:
  • You will learn how to create a specific vision of how you would love to experience birth

  • You will learn the difference between a doctor, a midwife and a doula

  • You will learn about basic pain control methods and how they impact your choice of caregiver

Essential Questions to Ask:
  • You will learn about which questions to ask your caregiver 

  • You will learn how to advocate for yourself during prenatal appointments and during your labour


Second Trimester Wisdom


During this time I will support you in resolving any fear and anxiety surrounding your experience.  Not only will you feel confident on the outside that you are fully prepared to bring this baby into the world but you will go on an inner journey of becoming a mother, the sacred initiation of motherhood.

Pregnancy Fears

  • Here we will explore your fears surrounding labour and birth by discovering and learning about your attitudes and beliefs surrounding pregnancy, birth and motherhood

  • You will learn that by exploring and resolving your fears you will create an empowering ritual of preparation and resource which can be tapped into during your labour journey

Mindfulness Practices

  • Breath awareness

  • Vocal toning

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Meditation

Childbirth as a Rite of Passage

  • You will learn how birth changes you profoundly on all levels

  • You will learn how to find amazing mentors in your life to support you on your journey

  • You will learn about a variety of birth customs and rituals that you may want to invite into your journey

  • You will discover and learn about the labyrinth as a beautiful metaphor for labour

Discovery Through Art (no artistic skills required:))

  • You will learn how the experiential learning process of Birth Art can help you prepare on a very personal level for the unknown transformation of childbirth and becoming a mother

  • Through gentle exploration guidelines you will learn to move out of your 'thinking brain' and into your intuitive mind just like birth asks you to be

  • You will get to explore one or more mediums such as journaling, drawing, painting or sculpting to practice letting go of expectations and judgement


  • You will be given specific yoga exercices for an easier labour

  • You will be given specific yoga exercices for your postpartum period

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Third Trimester Wisdom

During this time you feel like labour is fast approaching and every emotion under the sun is being felt!  You may also feel very prepared or not nearly enough!  This is normal.  I will help you make sense of what you are feeling and give you all the information you need to feel confident and prepared for when your special day comes.

Signs & Stages of Labour 

  • You will learn to recognize what to expect in practice, early and active labour

  • You will learn about optimal positions in labour as well as information regarding birthing the placenta


Comfort Measures

  • You will learn about the  fear/tension/pain cycle and how comfort measures play a huge role in breaking this cycle

  • You will learn a variety of techniques and practices to use in labour whether or not you choose to use pain medication options 


Birth partner role

  • You will learn about your partner's role in labour

  • You will learn how partners should take care of themselves and why 


Welcoming Your Baby

  • Sleep

  • Bathing

  • Signs of Concern

  • Breastfeeding basics

Transition to Motherhood

  • You will learn about postpartum health and wellness and the key pillars (REST, SUPPORT, NOURISHING FOODS & COMMUNITY) to support your transition to motherhood

  • You will learn about the importance of a holistic approach to postpartum mom care and support


Postpartum Care for Mothers

The postpartum period involves integrating change on all levels:  physical, mental, spiritual and relational.  The transition to motherhood is not about going back to your old self but rather beginning a  journey home to a new version of YOU!

The postpartum care I provide to women is based on the Innate Postpartum Care Training which I am currently studying as well as the twenty plus years of experience of tending to mothers as a Birth Doula.  

Why sign up for postpartum care?


  • To receive gentle and nurturing guidance during this important transition 

  • The care and nurturing you give yourself at this time will have rippling effects for yourself, your family for generations to come.

  • To set good and clear intentions for yourself going through this transformative time 

  • To receive comforting emotional support

  • To experience someone holding space for you so you can process your birth experience

  • To receive gentle massage and body work (if virtual you will be guided to do self-massage)

What to expect?

You will receive one on one nurturing postpartum wellness care based on the postpartum traditions that promote optimal health and healing in the postpartum period.   The key here is truly being honoured as a new mother by another woman, an opportunity to share your birth story, to have some body work and a closing of the bones ceremony if you wish.  A ceremony which brings gratitude and honour into the postpartum body and spirit.

This postpartum care service is truly one of the most important gifts you can offer a new mother.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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